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Progress on EDI strategy

Melanie Welham, UKRI’s executive champion for EDI, commented:

We knew from our regular conversations with many partners across the research and innovation system that people are keen to see UKRI develop its EDI strategy and to play their part in shaping it.

We are taking some time to digest the broad and helpful comments submitted to the consultation, so that whatever emerges is driven by careful analysis.

I’m looking forward to producing a refreshed and refined document.
Fostering inclusion is essential for a high-performing research and innovation (R&I) system.

As the UK’s largest public funder of research and innovation we have a responsibility to ensure the health of the system as a whole, now and in the future. We need a diversity of people and ideas to achieve this.

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Equality diversity and inclusion (EDI) has been an organisational priority since UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) was formed and builds upon the work of the research councils that preceded this.

Following the publication of the Research and Development (R&D) People and Culture Strategy we confirmed that we would develop and publish our first EDI strategy.

We are now consulting widely on our draft strategy. We will use this public consultation to help us produce a first edition strategy that will also shape our action plans.

Tell us your thoughts on the draft strategy

The open consultation runs from 13 January with a closing date of midday on 28 March 2022.

The consultation is open to anyone, we want everybody’s voice to be heard. We welcome responses from anyone interested or involved in research and innovation, either as an individual, organisation or group.

We welcome your input on what UKRI would need to do to achieve our ambitions, the opportunities you can see to work with us in achieving them and if there are any gaps in our approach.

This draft does not attempt to set out in detail all the actions we will take to bring about change. It will be a framework that anchors and supports EDI action plans across UKRI. The input to this consultation will help us to develop these plans.

Engagement: informing our strategy

This draft strategy builds on knowledge, research, data, and expertise from across the research and innovation sector. It also benefits from long-term and extensive cross-sector engagement with people and organisations.

Our thinking has been informed by conversations over an extended period as part of broader dialogue with individuals, grassroots movements, advocacy groups, national and international organisations, and UKRI staff and colleagues.

We have reflected on recommendations and challenges in open letters, surveys, community and stakeholder engagement activities, and deepened our understanding of gaps in our knowledge by examining our data and evidence reviews.

If you have previously provided us your views on EDI topics, we recognise that you might not want to repeat input, but you are invited to respond to this current consultation and to help us to raise awareness of it with relevant organisations and networks that might want to contribute.

We acknowledge and appreciate those who have advised us, contributed to, supported and challenged us to work in different ways, and who have guided us to this point.

We now invite everyone to join us as we strive to reach our ambition to foster a research and innovation system which is by everyone, for everyone.

News story announcing the consultation.


The EDI strategy is part of UKRI’s People, Culture and Talent portfolio.

The People, Culture and Talent Change Board will oversee the collective progress towards our ambition for a more diverse, sustainable and productive R&I system underpinned by an effective and inclusive culture. This board reports to the UKRI Executive Committee.

We will regularly report and share our progress. Each of our council action plans has an owner, who is accountable for monitoring and assessing progress.

Next steps

We will review and analyse responses and will produce summaries of our findings making these available on the UKRI website at the end of the consultation and engagement period.

Following the consultation and engagement period, we expect to publish our first edition of the strategy in summer 2022.

The information you provide is held securely by UKRI and will not be used to identify any individual. Your data is used for monitoring processes, to help us analyse results accurately and ensure people are treated fairly and according to their needs.

For details on how we use your information, view our privacy notice.

Council action plans

UKRI’s councils are developing action plans specific to their disciplines, which will be published in the next 12 months (some have already been published).

The UKRI EDI strategy will be a framework that anchors, tests and supports these plans. The plans will be living documents that will evolve to respond to changing needs and reflect continuous engagement.

Get in touch

We want everyone’s voice to be heard.

Contact us for more information about equality, diversity and inclusion, or if you find it difficult to submit your response through the Engagement Hub.

Email: equality@ukri.org

Summary of consultation questions

View a summary of the questions that responders will be asked about UKRI’s draft strategy for EDI.

Last updated: 2 September 2022

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