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Transforming foundation industries lab-to-lab projects with India

Outputs from seven projects funded by the £500,000 Lab-to-Lab Programme, set up to develop virtual networks with India and begin establishing collaborative projects.

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Transforming foundation industries lab-to-lab projects with India (PDF)

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The Transforming Foundation Industries (TFI) Challenge supports the Foundation Industries (FI) to adopt new technology, primarily focused upon achieving sustainability through increased energy and resource efficiency.

To reach to net zero, breaking the link between materials production, carbon emissions and environmental degradation, is both an imperative and a defining environmental and economic challenge of the 21st century.

This is a global challenge, and one in which international collaboration between governments, companies and research institutes is essential for ensuring these sectors remain competitive while reducing their environmental impact.

It was on this basis that the Lab-to-Lab Programme was established.

TFI was provided with £500,000 from UKRI India to support the development of collaborative projects between the UK and India’s FI research facilities.

The goal was to develop closer ties between research in the two countries and to identify common challenges. But also to look at the potential business case for the development of new technologies and processes that will provide solutions to some of the core issues faced by these industries.

This brochure provides case studies from the seven funded projects showing the challenge they were looking to address, solution deployed and their next steps.

In each case, building a wider network for research and collaboration was at the heart of the project.

A number hosted substantial virtual workshops with key stakeholders from both countries. They brought together a new knowledge sharing opportunity that will help ensure potential solutions and innovations are appropriate and effective in the real world at all stages.

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