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Particle Physics Masterclass programme

Particle Physics Masterclasses are one-day events hosted by particle physics groups at universities and laboratories across the country. They are aimed at students taking particle physics modules at AS or A level, but are open to any student interested in studying particle physics. Some universities also run days specifically for GCSE students.

The different masterclasses include a selection of the following activities, run by particle physicists:

  • lectures
  • ‘hands-on’ workshops
  • computer sessions
  • laboratory tours
  • live video chats with CERN and international masterclasses.

Every masterclass is slightly different, but all provide excellent support for particle physics in the curriculum and deliver a fascinating insight into this exciting field of physics.

2024 scheduled particle physics masterclasses

Venue: University of Birmingham
Date: 14 March
Contact: Nigel Watson

Venue: University of Bristol
Date: 27 March
Contact: Particle Physics Group

Venue: University of Cambridge
Date: 18 and 19 March
Contact: physics administrator

Venue: Daresbury Laboratory
Date: 12 March
Contact: Wendy Cotterill

Venue: Durham University
Date: 22 March
Contact: Francesco Sergio or Jessica Turner
Email: or

Venue: University of Glasgow
Date: 11 June
Contact: Andy Buckley

Venue: Imperial College London
Date: 12 July
Contact: Paula Consiglio or Dion Kordopati

Venue: Lancaster University
Date: to be confirmed
Contact: Helen O’Keeffe

Venue: The University of Manchester
Date: 18 March
Contact: Darren Price

Venue: University of Nottingham
Date: to be confirmed
Contact: Anastasios Avgoustidis

Venue: University of Oxford
Date: 15 and 18 March
Contact: Samuel Henry

Venue: University of Plymouth
Date: 26 March
Contact: Vincent Drach

Venue: Queen Mary University of London
Date: 7 March
Contact: School Outreach

Venue: Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL)
Date: 12, 13 and 14 March
Contact: Visit RAL

Venue: Royal Holloway University of London
Date: 25 April
Contact: Claire Porter

Venue: The University of Sheffield
Date: 15 March
Contact: Kristin Lohwasser

Venue: University of Southampton
Date: 26 March
Contact: Nick Evans

Venue: University of Sussex
Date: to be confirmed
Contact: Darren Baskill

Venue: Swansea University
Date: 2 July and September (to be confirmed)
Contact: Prem Kumar

Venue: University College London
Date: 26 March
Contact: Mark Fuller

Venue: The University of Warwick
Date: 18 March
Contact: Michal Kreps

Many of the Particle Physics Masterclasses are oversubscribed. Teachers who would like their students to participate should contact the appropriate person as soon as possible.

Outreach talks

UK nuclear physicists give outreach talks that are aimed at a wide variety of audiences including students, teachers, astronomical and other societies, and the public.

Find out what your nearest particle physics group is doing or invite a speaker to your school.

Last updated: 2 May 2024

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