Borrow the Moon



The STFC Lunar Rocks and Meteorites Loan Scheme has been running since the mid 1980s.

STFC has six loan boxes available to schools for Borrow the Moon, each containing the same types of meteorite and rock samples, investigation equipment, and guides.

Hundreds of schools, colleges, universities, museums and astronomical societies throughout the UK have enjoyed the meteorite samples and NASA Moon rock discs since the scheme began. The moon rocks are presented in a permanently sealed Perspex disc which contains labelled lunar soil and rock samples of different types.

The normal loan period is one school week, Monday to Friday. The loan scheme is generally fully booked well in advance, so please try to apply with at least four months’ notice of when you would like the loan box in your school.

How to apply to Borrow the Moon.

In order to make sure that the scheme remains useful to borrowers, STFC ask that all borrowers complete an evaluation form after they have borrowed the loan box. You can complete the evaluation form online.

Last updated: 31 March 2022

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