Borrow the Moon


About the Borrow the Moon box

We have made sure that:

  • the lunar samples are presented in encapsulated discs that can be handled carefully
  • the lunar samples can be exciting to look at for everyone from a young child to a geology student
  • each loan box also contains different examples of meteorites, put together by STFC and the National Space Academy
  • every loan box includes larger pieces of meteorite that can be handled
  • every loan box also includes a meteorite hunter activity featuring both Earth rocks and meteorites
  • comprehensive support material is included with each loan, including education activities written by the National Space Academy.

STFC also have a collection of thin sections of lunar rock which can be loaned out to university students for their studies.

This video shows the contents and layout of the Borrow the Moon loan box. This will help you with the unpacking and packing of the box and preparing for the loan.

Video credit: STFC

We also provide checklists detailing what goes in each box.

We have a photo gallery for each of the rock and meteorite samples in the boxes, with close-up photos and a short geological summary about the pieces.

Last updated: 31 March 2022

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