UKRI explainers

Our explainer series sheds light on how UKRI operates

UKRI's investment portfolio

How UKRI builds and manages a balanced investment portfolio over multiple years

Quality-related research funding and the REF

Find out about Research England's strategic institutional funding to universities for quality-related research

Dual support funding for research and innovation

The two complementary mechanisms that make up the dual support system explained

How UKRI is funded and allocates funds in the most effective way

An explainer on how UKRI is funded and allocates funding

UKRI budget allocations

Detailed breakdowns of UKRI's budget allocation by financial year

UKRI institutes

An overview of our institutes, how they are governed and what they do

UKRI's support for people and careers

An overview of how we support the development of talented people and teams

Research culture

How UKRI is fostering a vibrant research culture through a range of schemes and investments

Our support for international research and innovation

How UKRI brings global knowledge to the UK and UK expertise to the world

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