Code of practice


Honoraria and expenses


Honoraria are payable to members of the Arts and Humanities Research Council’s (AHRC) council, advisory board, and peer review panellists.

Honoraria shall be paid on a quarterly basis to council members and on a panel per diem meeting basis for panel and advisory board members.

Council members receive payment through the payroll system and shall be taxed in accordance with PAYE requirements as, although they receive no benefits, HMRC recognise them as ’employees’ for tax purposes. Others in receipt of honoraria receive it through the payments system. Those in receipt of payment from AHRC’s Council are responsible for managing their own tax affairs.


AHRC representatives are also entitled to claim travel and subsistence expenses for attending official AHRC meetings in the performance of their duties, provided that their claims adhere to financial guidelines and they supply receipts are supplied.

The expenses of representatives invited to attend external meetings as a representative of the Council will be met by AHRC only when authorised in advance by the Chief Executive or a director. A copy of UKRI’s travel and subsistence policy is given out to AHRC representatives as part of their induction.

Last updated: 17 August 2023

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