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Research England publications 2020

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December 2020

Interim evaluation of the RED UEZ programme

20 November 2020

Assessing the Gross Additional Impacts of the Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF)

A novel methods approach for evaluating the uses of Research England’s HEIF funding

October 2020

Update to the interim review of the connecting capability fund (CCF) programme

9 October 2020

IP-related and commercialisation activities in England in 2018/19

17 August 2020

Research and Knowledge Exchange Funding 2020-21

17 August 2020

Research and Knowledge Exchange Funding for 2020-21 – Annex A

31 July 2020

Connecting capability fund (CCF) follow on funding letter

30 July 2020

Circular Letter: Research Excellence Framework: support for panel members

28 July 2020

HEIF policies and priorities for the funding period 2020-21 to 2024-25

27 July 2020

Circular Letter: Recurrent and capital funding for 2020-21

19 May 2020

Knowledge Exchange funding: A review of novel evaluation methodologies

14 May 2020

Circular Letter: Notice of Accelerated Quality-related Research (QR) Funding – Confirmation of Allocation

15 April 2020

Policy for allocating formula-based research funding: an equality impact assessment

16 April 2020

Circular Letter: Knowledge Exchange accountability and funding: revised timetable due to coronavirus (COVID-19)

3 April 2020

Circular Letter – Notice of Additional Funding

26 March 2020

Circular Letter on Reprofiling of Payments March 2020

2 March 2020

Knowledge Exchange Framework: Clustering and narrative templates

February 2020

Interim review of the connecting capability fund (CCF) programme

16 January 2020

Knowledge Exchange Framework: Decisions for the first iteration

10 January 2020

Circular letter – Notice of additional funding

8 January 2020

REF 2021 Codes of practice complaints and investigation Circular letter


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