Research England publications and circular letters


Research England publications 2023

24 November 2023

ISPF institutional support grant (ODA) funding

25 October 2023

Circular letter: Regional Innovation Fund 2023 to 2024

4 October 2023

Additional specific guidance to UKRI, from DSIT, regarding the management and operation of the Regional Innovation Fund by Research England

Regional Innovation Fund frequently asked questions

Successful Connecting Capability Fund RED short call projects

27 September 2023

Circular letter: knowledge exchange framework 3

19 September 2023

Circular letter: grant allocations for remaining 2023 to 2024 funds

7 September 2023

IP-related and commercialisation activities in England: 2021 to 2022

22 August 2023

Research England grant allocations to HEPs 2023 to 2024

1 August 2023

Research England terms and conditions 2023 to 2024

19 July 2023

Circular letter: Research England funding budgets for 2023 to 2025

13 July 2023

Notice of Research England funding payments in August 2023

15 June 2023

REF2028: initial decisions and issues for further consultation

13 June 2023

Specific guidance to UKRI from DSIT, regarding the operation of Research England

6 June 2023

Knowledge exchange framework (KEF): decisions for the third iteration

5 June 2023

Circular letter: Connecting Capability Fund short-term funding

10 May 2023

Knowledge exchange funding review: decisions and implementation

4 April 2023

Research England strategic delivery plan

23 February 2023

Circular letter: supplementary RCIF grant allocations 2022 to 2023 second allocation

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