Research England publications and circular letters


Research England publications 2022

28 November 2022

Circular letter: additional QR and Additional RCIF grant allocations 2022 to 2023

9 November 2022

Knowledge exchange framework (KEF): narrative guidance for KEF3

3 November 2022

Knowledge Exchange: business and commercialisation

27 September 2022

Circular letter: knowledge exchange framework 2 (KEF2)

20 September 2022

Circular letter: enhancing research culture funding allocations 2022 to 2023

4 August 2022

Research England grant allocations 2022 to 2023

14 July 2022

Circular letter: funding budgets for 2022 to 2025

Circular letter: UK Research Partnership Investment Fund (UKRPIF) round seven launch

21 June 2022

Specific guidance to UKRI, from BEIS, regarding the operation of Research England (June 2022)

31 May 2022

Knowledge exchange framework (KEF): decisions for the second iteration

27 May 2022

Knowledge exchange and place: a review of literature

4 April 2022

Review of knowledge exchange funding: stakeholder engagement and evidence summary

22 February 2022

Circular letter: consultation on the UK’s future research assessment system

3 February 2022

Review of the first iteration of the Knowledge Exchange Framework

27 January 2022

Circular letter: Allocation of remaining £2.05 million 2021 to 2022 enhancing research culture funding

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