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When we will ask about Project Impact

You will be asked to review and update these questions throughout your project and after it has finished. This is to enable you and Innovate UK to monitor the impact of your project. Your previous answers will be saved and presented back to you each time, to make it easier for you.

During the application process

When individuals and organisations are applying for Innovate UK funding, they will be asked to complete the Project Impact questions within the ‘Supporting information’ section of the Innovate UK application form.

This won’t be the case for all funding opportunities, and will be made clear in the competition overview and the applicant briefing event.

During your project

If you are successful with your application, one year after your project has started an email invitation will be sent to your finance contact to review and update your Project Impact questions.

At the start of your final claim, your finance contact will receive an email invitation to review and update your Project Impact questions. These will need to be completed before your final claim can be paid and your project closed.

After your project

You will be invited to review and update your project impact questions on an annual basis for five years after your project has closed. It’s critical to monitor your project’s longer term impacts, to help you and us understand the impact of your Innovate UK support.

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Last updated: 14 March 2023

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