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The information you need to provide in your proposal will depend on the funding opportunity.

Check Funding finder for the information you need to provide for the opportunity you’re interested in.

Your proposal needs to include the following information for any opportunity you apply for:

  • Joint Electronic Submission (Je-S) system pro forma – this is the information you need to enter in the Je-S forms
  • case for support – this should include a full justification of all resources you request (except indirect and estate costs).

Additional information

You may also need to provide supporting documents, including:

  • data management plan
  • letters of support
  • publications table
  • declarations of interest

Coronavirus (COVID-19) impact

You can tell us if coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected or will affect you or your research.

Find out more about how we take the effects of the pandemic into account.

Assessment criteria

You should take note of the criteria the research grants panel will use to assess proposals. Providing information and evidence that relates to the assessment criteria helps:

  • panel members score your proposal more efficiently and objectively
  • panel discussions about funding recommendations

Ensure reviewers can see important information

Do not use links to websites to provide critical information in your case for support. Reviewers do not have to look at websites you link to.

Do not put information essential to peer review in attachments you upload to Je-S and categorise as “Other” or “Proposal Cover Letter” unless you’ve been advised to do so. These types of documents are not usually made available to reviewers or panel members.

Involving animals in research

Although the research funded by STFC is very unlikely to involve the use of animals there are occasions where this may be the case. We are therefore signed up to the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) position statement on the use of animals in research.

As a public funder of research and innovation, UKRI has a responsibility to ensure that our activities and those we fund are aligned with UK legislation and other guiding principles.

For more information on UKRI’s position statement on animal usage please see our webpage on involving animals in research involving animals in research.


STFC does not need CVs except for Ernest Rutherford Fellowships and Public Engagement Fellowships.

Last updated: 1 August 2023

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