What to include in your proposal in Je-S - STFC

This guidance is only for applicants using the Joint Electronic Submission (Je-S) system.

If you are using the UKRI Funding Service to apply, check:


Get an introduction to the information to provide in your proposal and tips on making sure reviewers can see it

Case for support - justification of resources

Find out how to justify the resources you’re asking for and the cost headings to use

Case for support: STFC impact funding

UKRI has made impact integral to applying for a grant. Learn about how to build impact into your proposal

Data management plan

How to tell us about the management of data produced over the lifetime of the project

Project partner letter of support

Find out what a project partner should say in a well written letter of support and how to present it

Letters of support

Find out how to make best use of letters of support when the call you’re interested in asks for them

Applicant declarations of interest

Check our research integrity guidance and tell us about interests related to a funding application in a covering letter

Impacts from COVID-19

How to tell us if coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected or will affect you or your research

STFC's science challenges in frontier physics

State the significance of your proposed research goals with reference to these challenges

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