Enabling societal transformation in the face of climate change

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Researchers funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and European partners are contributing to a better understanding of how climate change affects society.

The researchers are engaging with societal actors through innovative approaches that trigger transformational change. The projects, funded through the JPI Climate SOLSTICE programme, are led by the social sciences and humanities communities, and focus on three interlinked themes:

  • social justice and participation
  • sense making, cultural meaning and risk perceptions
  • transformative finance and economy.

Funded projects

To tackle these crucial areas and contribute to the objective of understanding societal transformation in the face of climate change, JPI SOLSTICE has funded the following projects.


Read about: Challenging the Climate Crisis: Children’s Agency to Tackle Policy Underpinned by Learning for Transformation (JPI Climate).


Read about: Environmental justice analysis to advance rural landscape transformations in the face of climate change (JPI Climate).


Read about: Overcoming Obstacles and Disincentives to Climate Change Mitigation: A cross-cutting approach by human and social sciences (JPI Climate).


Read about: Responsive Organising for Low Emission Societies (JPI Climate).


Read about: Socially Just and Politically Robust Decarbonisation A Knowledge Base and Toolkit for Policymakers (JPI Climate).


Read about: SOLidarity in climate change Adaptation policies: towards more socio-spatial justice in the face of multiple RISks (JPI Climate).

CLEAN Cultures

Read about: An approach for innovative Climate Learning, Evaluation and Action in Neighbourhoods (JPI Climate).

As chair of JPI Climate, Dr Frank McGovern, said:

Climate change will affect us and our society in almost everything that we do. We need to manage a major transitional transformation, or it will manage us. JPI SOLSTICE offers an opportunity for the whole social sciences and humanities communities to come together to address these challenges.

Last updated: 28 April 2021

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