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Pre-announcement: purchase mid-range equipment for biosciences research: ALERT 2022

Apply for funding for mid-range equipment for research across BBSRC’s scientific areas. This is the latest round of ALERT funding.

You must be a researcher or a research technical professional from an eligible UK research organisation to apply for funding.

Bioinformatics and biological resources: 2022 (22BBR)

Apply for funding to establish, maintain and enhance bioinformatics and biological resources to support the UK bioscience research community.

You must hold a research staff appointment at lecturer level, or equivalent, at a research organisation eligible for UK Research and Innovation funding.

BBSRC Follow-on Fund and super Follow-on Fund: round two

Apply for Follow-on Funding (FoF) to help bridge gaps between early stage bioscience research and innovation with achieving wider commercial, economic and societal benefit.

Standard FoF awards support defined programmes of work up to two years.

Super FoF awards are similar but provide higher levels of funding.

Develop solutions for endemic livestock disease: phase two

Apply for funding to develop research ideas for addressing endemic diseases in livestock.

You must be based at a UK research organisation eligible for BBSRC funding.

This initiative aims to reduce the levels and impact of endemic disease on:

  • UK livestock sector productivity
  • the health and welfare of animals in the UK herd.

UK-US research: ecology and evolution of infectious diseases 2022

Apply to research the transmission dynamics of infectious diseases.

You must be based at a UK research organisation eligible for BBSRC funding.

Your team must be interdisciplinary.

You must collaborate with a US partner. You can also collaborate with partners from China or Israel.

UKRI-Defra One Health approach to vector borne diseases

Apply for funding to forecast, understand, mitigate and avoid vector (arthropod) borne disease (VBD) threats to the UK.

You must be based at a UK research organisation eligible for BBSRC funding.

Future Leaders Fellowships: round 7

This scheme is for early career researchers and innovators who are either:

  • looking to establish or transition to independence
  • developing their own original and ambitious plans within a commercial setting.

We are offering funding to support ambitious research or innovation programmes across UKRI’s remit.

You must be based at, and have the support of, an eligible academic or non-academic institution.

Turing AI World-Leading Researcher Fellowships: round two

Apply for funding to undertake world-leading research to advance the field of artificial intelligence (AI) in the UK.

This opportunity is aimed at established researchers. International applicants are welcome. However, you must be based in the UK at an organisation eligible for UK Research and Innovation funding to hold the fellowship.

Pre-announcement: Turing AI World-Leading Researcher Fellowships: rounds two and three

Apply for funding to carry out world-leading artificial intelligence (AI) research in the UK.

There are no set eligibility criteria for this award. However, you should show that you:

  • have international standing in your area
  • can add value to AI research in the UK
  • can build AI capability and capacity in the UK.

This funding opportunity will open in spring 2022.

UKRI-SBE lead agency opportunity

The UKRI-SBE lead agency opportunity allows UK and US-based researchers to submit a collaborative proposal that will go through a single review process. Grants are funded through existing funding programmes at the relevant lead agency.

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