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Undertake activities related to scientific ocean drilling

Apply for funding to undertake small-scale activities related to scientific ocean drilling.

You must be based at a UK research organisation eligible for UKRI funding.

Activities could include:

  • workshops or events
  • training
  • outreach.

You can apply for this scheme at any time during the current phase of the research programme (2020 to 2024).

Environmental sciences: global partnerships seedcorn fund 2022

Apply for funding to create new global partnerships in areas of environmental science.

This opportunity is for principal investigators or new investigators. You must be based at a UK organisation eligible for UKRI finding.

Molecules to landscapes: building interdisciplinary capabilities

Apply for funding to improve capability across molecular, data, agricultural and environmental sciences.

You must be based at an organisation eligible for UKRI funding.

Your application should outline innovative activities that:

  • build collaborations that lead to the creation of interdisciplinary research communities
  • has the capacity to impact a challenge with ‘real world’ implications.

Enhance the policy impact of land use research

Apply for fellowship funding to collaborate with one or more projects from the Landscape Decisions Programme.

You must be based at an organisation eligible for UKRI funding.

You can be at any career stage as long as you have relevant expertise. If you’re a PhD student, you must have submitted your thesis before starting the fellowship.

Addressing environmental challenges: NERC highlight topics 2022

Apply for funding to address one of seven environmental ‘highlight topic’ research challenges.

You must be a UK resident and employed by an eligible UK research organisation.

The full economic cost of your project can be between £2.5 million and £5 million, depending on the topic you choose. NERC will fund 80% of the full economic cost.

NERC large grant to tackle big environmental science questions

Apply for funding to support innovative, large-scale and complex projects that tackle big science questions and have the potential to produce world-leading research.

You must be:

  • from an eligible UK research organisation
  • eligible for NERC funding.

Enhance the impact of environmental sciences research: NERC knowledge exchange fellowships

Apply for funding to enhance the impact of research in the environmental sciences.

NERC knowledge exchange fellowships help you and your stakeholders to share knowledge.

You must be based at an institution eligible for UKRI funding. We welcome researchers at all career stages.

Environmental science: NERC standard and new investigator grants

Apply for funding to carry out a research project in any area of environmental science in the remit of NERC.

You must be:

  • based at an eligible UK research organisation
  • at lecturer level, or equivalent

If applying for a ‘new investigator’ grant, you must also be at the start of your independent scientific career.

Build a network to research sustainable agri-food for net zero

Apply for funding to develop a research network that will focus on improving the sustainability of the agri-food system.

You must be:

  • based at an eligible UK-based organisation
  • working in a science discipline.

Co-investigators can be from any discipline.

Your network is expected to:

  • focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • build interdisciplinary partnerships
  • involve stakeholders
  • develop future research plans.

Daphne Jackson fellowship

These fellowships are for those looking to return to a research career after a break. Fellowships combine a personalised retraining programme with a challenging research project. They are flexible, usually lasting two years at 0.5 full-time equivalent, although some UKRI funders may award longer.

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