Industrial CASE – EPSRC


Timeline of activities

ICASE grants always start on 1 October each year, but some other timings may vary. For example, the vouchers may occasionally be allocated in late May or early July.


ICASE voucher allocations made to industrial partners. They then begin determining which projects to use their vouchers against, and identifying collaborating academics and universities.


Deadline for industrial partners to confirm their use of allocated vouchers.


EPSRC reallocates any unused vouchers.


Industrial partners submit project information to EPSRC. EPSRC checks submissions upon receipt, and issues Letters of Intent once complete. Student recruitment may begin once Letters are received.

February to March

EPSRC authorises grants and issues Offer Documents to partnering universities. Students may start work once the offer document is received.

1 October

Funding starts.

1 year after funding start

Latest date for students to have started. This allows approximately a year and nine months for recruitment.

5 years after funding start

End of funding (unless any extensions have been agreed).

EPSRC has produced tips and considerations documents for industrial partners and for ICASE-hosting universities which discuss student recruitment and placements.

Last updated: 26 July 2023

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