How applicants use the UKRI Funding Service

This guidance is for applicants using the UKRI Funding Service. It gives an overview of:

  • how to create your Funding Service account
  • what you do when applying to a funding opportunity using the service
  • the core sections, questions and assessment criteria for ‘responsive mode’ opportunities
  • new functionality in development
  • where to get help and support using the service

You can also watch videos demonstrating the service.

For information on how the service is being developed, start with our pathway for change. And check status updates on the UKRI Funding Service.

Sign in to your Funding Service account

If you have started an application or award, sign in to:

  • complete your application
  • view the status of your application
  • manage an award

You’ll need the email address and password you used when you started your application.

Creating an account for the Funding Service

You can only create an account when you start your first application using the service.

To create an account, you will need:

  • to confirm you’ll be leading the project, for example as a project lead or fellow
  • the name of your organisation
  • your email address

It takes two minutes to create your account.

There is a different way to create an account if you work for a research office.

Applying to an opportunity using the Funding Service

Find an open funding opportunity on

We list open opportunities on Each funding opportunity web page gives guidance on:

  • who is eligible to apply
  • what we’re looking for in applications
  • how to apply, including all the questions you’re asked in the Funding Service application form
  • how we’ll assess your application

You can:

  • search opportunities using keywords
  • find opportunities from specific councils
  • see upcoming and closed opportunities

Watch a demonstration of finding an opportunity on (YouTube).

Start your application

When a funding opportunity opens, its web page displays a ‘start application’ button. This takes you to one of our systems for applying to funding opportunities.

If the opportunity is hosted on the Funding Service, the button takes you to the online application form in the service

If you do not yet have a Funding Service account, you’re able to create one before starting the application form.

We strongly recommend that the person who starts and completes the application is the ‘project lead’, or the ‘fellow’ for fellowships.

Assign roles to your project team

The application form asks you to:

  • name the members of the project team who will be working on the project
  • give each member a ‘role’ in the project – each funding opportunity has a specific set of roles to choose from

To help you assign roles to members of your team, see guidance on role eligibility, responsibilities and costings.

Core team member access and visibility

The Funding Service is a new system. Personal account information from the Joint Electronic Submissions (Je-S) system will not be transferred to the Funding Service.

Core team members, such as project co-leads, should be added by the project lead as they complete the application.

Once added, team members will receive an email asking them to confirm their details and complete their equality, diversity and inclusion profile. They will be able to see basic information about the application (application ID and title, the project lead, their role, application status etc.)

The Funding Service’s focus in early development has been to ensure the project lead has full edit access and visibility of the application. In time the project lead will also have the ability to add core team members who will then have greater visibility and edit access to the application.

Complete your application

You complete most of your application using text boxes to answer questions in the online application form.

You are given the guidance on what the assessors are looking for:

  • in the ‘how to apply’ section of the funding opportunity web page
  • with each question in the Funding Service application form

You might need to complete some sections by uploading a PDF file.

You can save your progress and return to your unfinished application later.

Currently, only the applicant who started the application can edit the online form. Functionality allowing multiple people to edit applications is in development.

To share your draft application with collaborators, you can save it as a PDF using the ‘print this page’ option in the ‘read application’ view.

Members of your organisation with an administration account, for example, research offices, can view your application in the service.

Watch a demonstration of completing an application (YouTube).

Send to your research office

When all sections of your application are complete, send it to your research office so they can do a final check.

The research office then submits the application to UKRI for assessment.

If your organisation does not have a research office, you can submit the application yourself using the service.

Check the status of your application

You can monitor the progress of your application from submission to outcome using your Funding Service account.

Video: how to apply for an opportunity in the Funding Service

This longer video demonstrates both how to find opportunities on and how to complete the application in the service.

Video credit: UKRI. Video transcript available by watching on YouTube.

Responsive mode applications: core section questions and assessment criteria

‘Responsive mode’ funding opportunities are open to a wide range of research and approaches within a council’s remit.

When you apply to ‘responsive mode’ opportunities from any council, you can expect to see a standard ‘core’ set of sections, questions, and assessment criteria.

Research office support with your application

If your organisation has a research office, the Funding Service notifies them when you create an application.

Most research offices have at least one member of staff with an administration account for the service.

Your research office can:

  • view your application while it is being completed
  • support you as you complete it

How research offices use the UKRI Funding Service

Functionality in the Funding Service: what's available and what's in development

Available now

You can:

  • complete application sections with formatting options
  • paste in content from Microsoft Word and keep the formatting
  • view all the guidance and assessment criteria above each application section
  • attach PDF files, where appropriate, to application sections
  • read and navigate your application exactly as assessors will
  • send your application to your research office for submission to UKRI
  • add named collaborators who will be able to set up their own account
  • enter costs into the service without attaching files

Coming soon

Embedding images such as charts and diagrams to display in context to your words.

Future functionality

We recognise the need for multiple people to edit an application. We’re working to enable applicants to make their application editable by others.

We are also working on:

  • reducing the need for attachments in the service
  • creating sections that are more intuitive and easier to complete for:
    • project partners
    • ethics, including animal usage and genetics
    • facilities

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