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22 May 2019
Affordable and sustainable cities bring UK and Kenyan researchers together

The UK and Kenya governments are co-hosting a two-day symposium on affordable housing and sustainable infrastructure.

21 May 2019
New tool mimics body to show drug impact

A revolutionary new tool has been developed to cut down the time it takes to test new drugs, which could also reduce the need for animal testing.

17 May 2019
Share your moon landing memories

We're asking people across the UK to share their memories of one of the seminal moments in the 20th century - the 1969 Apollo 11 Moon landing.

16 May 2019
UKRI chief executive joins AI Council to supercharge the UK's artificial intelligence sector

UK Research and Innovation's (UKRI) chief executive has been appointed to the newly formed UK Artificial Intelligence (AI) Council.

15 May 2019
UK's first ultra-secure quantum network link between research and industry launched

A new high-speed network link to boost quantum technology and protect the UK from cyber threats has been developed.

13 May 2019
New projects to understand how social, economic and environmental factors impact our health

A new round of funding led by UK Research and Innovation is investing £25 million into understanding and influencing the social, economic and environmental factors that affect our health.

13 May 2019
Design complete for world's largest radio telescope 'brain'

The design of the computer ‘brain’ of the world’s largest radio telescope has been completed by an international group of scientists led by the UK.

08 May 2019
UK Research and Innovation has appointed Geoff Robins as Transformation Director

UK Research and Innovation has appointed Geoff Robins as Transformation Director.

08 May 2019
Strength in Places Fund: second funding wave announced

The £236m SIPF brings together research organisations, business, and local leadership on projects that will lead to significant economic impact, high-value job creation, and local economic growth.

07 May 2019
Future Leaders Fellowships gives the freedom to deliver global impact

UKRI has today announced the first 41 Fellows funded through the initiative.

07 May 2019
UKRI launches call for Stephen Hawking Fellowships

UKRI has launched its first call to support a new generation of visionary scientists, in memory of Professor Stephen Hawking.

30 April 2019
New project could help you decide where your renewable energy ends up

Households and businesses that generate their own power through micro-renewables, such as solar panels and wind turbines, may soon be able to decide where to distribute their extra energy.

29 April 2019
Update on UKRI Open Access Review

As part of the ongoing Open Access Review, UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) will welcome input from across the sector later this year through a public consultation.

26 April 2019
Leading TV creators join up for immersive storytelling

The brains behind British favourites Wallace & Gromit and Peaky Blinders are joining a consortium of developers to create new immersive storytelling experiences.

24 April 2019
'Dementia friendly' care homes prevent patients getting lost

Corridors that look like high streets with front doors, telephone boxes and brightly coloured photographs are architectural elements that make it easier for dementia patients to find their way around.

18 April 2019
Britain's oldest rabbit found at Roman palace

While the Easter bunny started appearing in the 19th century, it seems the rabbit itself is a lot older than previously thought.

17 April 2019
UKRI Artificial Intelligence Regional Workshops

UK Research and Innovation has announced four regional workshops to seek input to the current UKRI Review of Artificial Intelligence.

17 April 2019
New international funding for research to reduce disaster risk and improve resilience

The Global Challenges Research Fund will join with international partners to support new research into disaster risk, reduction and resilience.

15 April 2019
UKRI and international partners launch workshops on impact of AI

In partnership with research agencies from Canada and France, UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) has launched a series of international workshops examining the implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on society.

12 April 2019
Scientists sniff out rotten avocadoes

A team of UK scientists are working to invent a type of portable sniffing device that can detect whether avocados are rotten.