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Technology at Daresbury

Technology at Daresbury Laboratory (T@DL) provides technology, engineering and support to STFC’s facilities and programmes. The division is organised into seven groups, four in the Engineering Technology Centre (ETC), and the others include the Detector Systems Group and the Nuclear Physics Group. The focus is on the support of STFC’s programme and facilities, with ASTeC being the largest customer at present, but T@DL works directly with other STFC departments, national laboratories, international facilities and universities.

T@DL works closely with other divisions in the technology department to provide engineering support across the STFC programme. The Nuclear Physics Group provides the main link into the UK nuclear physics community, supporting and coordinating the STFC programme and projects in this field. In addition to engineering and support services provided in collaboration with other divisions in TD, T@DL retains specialist expertise in accelerator systems, photon detection systems and electrical and control systems.

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Key facts

Engineering Technology Centre

The Engineering Technology Centre (ETC) delivers an integrated approach to today’s scientific and technological challenges by combining mechanical design and analysis, vacuum technology, cryogenics, CNC machining, advanced metrology, electrical systems integration and intelligent control systems.

Detector Systems Group

The Detector Systems Group (DSG) provides detector systems and system technologies in support of the STFC programme. The DSG supports projects from proof-of-principle, feasibility demonstration to engineering prototypes.

Nuclear Physics Group

The major role of the Nuclear Physics Group is to support and contribute to the UK’s Nuclear Physics research programme supported by the STFC.


Ian Lazarus – Head of Technology at Daresbury

Telephone: 01925 603 433

Marcello Borri – Detector Systems

Telephone: 01925 603 085

Richard Smith – Projects and Mechanical Engineering

Telephone: 01925 603 972

Phil Atkinson – Mechanical, Metrology and Technical Engineering

Telephone: 01925 603 371

Graham Cox – Control Systems and Safety Interlocks

Telephone: 01925 603 431

Stephen Griffiths – Electrical Engineering

Telephone: 01925 603 154

Leon Cassidy – Portfolio and Quality Management

Telephone: 01925 603 876

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Last updated: 23 November 2023

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