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Accelerator Science and Technology Centre

ASTeC studies all aspects of the science and technology of charged particle accelerators, ranging from large-scale international and national research facilities through to specialised industrial and medical applications.

ASTeC staff pursue world-class research and development programmes on behalf of STFC and ASTeC is a partner in the Cockcroft Institute.

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Some major ASTeC programmes are listed here and more detailed information about our work can be found in our Science Highlights reports:

Contact us

Accelerator Science and Technology Centre

Daresbury Laboratory
Sci-Tech Daresbury
Keckwick Lane

Email: astecenquiries@stfc.ac.uk
Telephone: 01925 603628

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ASTeC works closely with the Daresbury Laboratory Science in Society team to support school visits, deliver particle physics master classes for A-Level students and take part in science communication events such as the Big Bang Fair.

In the resources below, ASTeC staff members explain aspects of accelerator science and their own work.

A short tour around the ALICE and EMMA particle accelerators at Daresbury

Video credit: Backstage Science

The workings of an Electron Gun

Video credit: Backstage Science

ALICE at Daresbury (2012)

Video credit: mediaservicesdl

Peter Williams, ASTeC Scientist, interviewed about his work

Video credit: Backstage Science

Weird Magnets I have known – a talk by Professor Neil Marks

Video credit: mediaservicesdl

View the presentation slides.

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