Securing better health, ageing and wellbeing

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Many things affect our health as we age.

Through this strategic theme, we are building a complete picture of what we need to do to stay healthy and enjoy life.

Working with our many partners, we are helping to:

  • understand and influence those elements that affect everyone’s health at a whole population level – from air pollution to vitamin intake
  • reduce health inequalities which put some at greater risk of illness than others
  • improve long-term mental health and wellbeing, including detecting, preventing and treating mental illnesses
  • advance and introduce interventions that keep us healthier for longer, encouraging, for example, greater physical activity or social involvement
  • make it easier for us all to access and benefit from digital innovations, such as shared electronic health records
  • foster better and more joined-up healthcare services

Leading to improved health, ageing and wellbeing for all.

Impact stories

We’ve been working on challenges related to this theme for years. Here are three examples of achievements so far.


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