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1.5 Multiple applications

1.5.1 Applications to MRC

Each principal investigator may submit a maximum of two grant proposals to each board or panel deadline. However, applicants are strongly advised to seek funding on the basis of quality rather than the number that can be submitted.

Applicants may only have one new investigator research grant or fellowship proposal under consideration by MRC at any time.

1.5.2 Resubmissions and renewals

Applications previously declined by the MRC, another research council or other funding body, will not be considered by the MRC within 12 months from the original submission date, unless invited in writing to resubmit by the MRC.

Please note this time restriction does not apply to outline applications except for our Developmental Pathway Funding Scheme (DPFS). Please refer to our scheme specific guidance.

Related proposals

Follow up to an outline application – quote outline grant reference in the ‘Related Proposals’ section.

Resubmission – quote previous grant reference in the ‘Related Proposals’ section. Submit a cover letter explaining the differences as an attachment.

Renewal (centre grants, programme grants) – quote the previous grant reference in the ‘Related Proposals’ section. Submit a progress report as an attachment.

1.5.3 Applying to MRC and other funders for research grants

By submitting a proposal to MRC the applicant confirms the resources requested are proportionate and the research proposed is not already supported by MRC or any other funding body. If MRC has concerns about the credibility of resources requested in an application it will be rejected.

The same or a substantially similar research grant application, in terms of objectives or resources, cannot be submitted at the same time to MRC and any other UK or international funding body including all UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) research councils.

From 1 April 2022, you can submit time-sensitive grant proposals to MRC at the same time as submitting proposals to other, non-UKRI funders when they also allow duplicate submissions. Reviewing and assessing proposals takes time. Before you make a duplicate submission, please consider whether it’s essential to the research outcome. If you intend to submit a duplicate proposal, you should let us know either:

  • in your proposal
  • at any point after you submit your proposal, but before announcement.

You will not be able to accept duplicate funding for a project.

1.5.4 Applying to MRC and other funders for fellowships

Fellowship applicants may simultaneously apply to MRC and other funders’ fellowship schemes.

Please refer to the guidance for fellowship applicants for further information.

Last updated: 15 August 2022

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